Our interior design team is infused with a nurturing, collaborative spirit that has helped each of us produce award-winning solutions for a variety of residential and commercial clients. Bolstered by the finest design resources, our team approach proves that the sum of the whole is indeed greater than its parts. With more than 500 collective projects of experience,

our designers are devoted to exceeding clients' expectations and providing the best solution to the challenge at hand.

Angela Lin | Principal & Co-Founder


In terms of life experience, Angela always brings a broader framework.

She is a color palette which reflected uncompromisingly quality, Western fusion and Eastern aesthetics across time

and space.

Her style of interior design are inheritance, intricate and eye-catching. Combining traditional elegance with cutting-edge technique, JMAC's daring artistic mind weaving by her sense of fashion, innovation and professional performance, focusing on integration of making each corner one masterpiece. Her works are deeply spiritual and original,

as a unique woman, the most exquisite expression brings the most profound moved.

Angela is principal designer who studied interior design at Berkeley University, developed the foundation of JMAC.


James C. Huang | CEO & Co-Founder


James is co-founder, CEO and managing director of the team.

He plays a key role including the customer relationship and financial aspects of JMAC.

Focus on business development, operations and project liaison on every stage. James works closely with the design team to nurture talent and deliver A+ performance for discerning clients in all respects. Having helped to build JMAC in the out-standing design group as for now.

James emphasize on all project details, client satisfaction, technology adoption and luxury lifestyle by providing

a cutting-edge managerial style and financial expertise from his particular experience.


Ling Jin | Senior Designer


Ling is senior designer at JMAC.

She joined the firm directly after graduating from her bachelor's degree in industrial design of art in 2008. Among

her diverse projects across residential, commercial and furniture/product design sectors, Ling is our leading designer of concept and high quality delivery for many well-known real estate developers and private clients.